We are a slovak society, our administrative office is in Bratislava,Slovakia,our mainactivity is production of firewood, and trunks for firewood. Our warehouse is in Modra, 30 km (19 mi.) from Bratislava. Almost all our production is exported to Italy and Austria.





many of our customers prefer to buy wood already reduced in pieces, saving laourforce and having an easyer delivery,in fact wooden platforms are loaded on trucks and delivered pecisely where our customer desires.


    Thickness: 10-15cm
    Lenght: 33 cm, 50 cm
    Type of wood: beech,oak,ash woods
    Package: Medium platforms 1x1x1m = 1 ms
    Large platforms 1x1x1,7m = 1,7 ms




are transported to Bratislava railway station, from there, by freight trains, are delivered to customer's favoured railway station,all prices are intended till the Slovakia-Austria border

  • Legna da ardere
    1. Length: 2 m
    Diameter: 10-35 cm
    2. Length: 4-6 m
    Diameter: 10-35cm 10-50cm
  • Per segheria
    Quality: A, B, C
    Length: 3 – 6 m
    Diameter more than 25
    Type of woods: Oak and Beech

Per il trasporto su camion i clienti devono affidarsi ad una propria ditta di spedizioni (il prezzo sarà franco magazzino)


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